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Friday, December 31, 2010

Epic Review of 2010 Part II

Top Albums Continued: didn't have enough time to proof read or check the links. So excuse any gross grammar/spelling issues and let me know if any of the links are dead.

10. Frightened Rabbit - The Winter Mixed Drinks
Their last album (The Midnight Organ Fight-2008) was at number 4. Winter of Mixed Drinks is very similar and delivers more rocking and intense lyrics. Frightened Rabbit  do a great job of packing an emotional punch in every song. I'm jealous that my brother got to go out drinking with this band after seeing them in concert in Iowa.
Favorite Tracks:
Swim Until You Can't See Land
The Loneliness and the Scream
Nothing Like You
Living In Colour

9. Best Coast -Crazy For You
After releasing a string of great EPs and singles in 2009 Beth Consentino and Bob Bruno put out a great album. Beth does all the vocals and harmony on the album and give it a great 50's girl group meets Dick Dale sound. Can't help but be happy after listening to this album even though it is filled with break-up and heart wrenching songs.
Favorite Tracks:
Crazy For You
When I'm With You
Boyfriend - Ghostwaves Remix

Fantastic video!

8. Laura Veirs - July Flame
A great discovery when I saw an ad for her new album listed at $2.00. Heard the title track and have been listening ever since. Straight forward folk pop music. She has a great voice and writes catchy tunes. One of the few concerts I went to this year and even though she was 6 months pregnant she put on a great show and her voice sounded good live.
 Favorite Tracks:
July Flame
Sun Is King
Where Are You Driving
Little Deschutes
Wide-Eyed, Legless
Life Is Good Blues

7. Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Very rarely do I enjoy whole albums of hip-hop, but this is an exception. It is interesting throughout and doesn't waste the whole album talking about how awesome it is. It rocks, is sexy, and at times mellows out and looks inward. The Bon Iver sample is also a great bonus. This may be even better then the number 7 ranking, but since it came out so late, I haven't fully digested it. Runaway is intense!

Favorite Tracks:
Lost In The World
All Of The Lights

Bonus Video:

6. Beach House - Teen Dream
Intense and dreamy. Really love Victoria Legrands voice and the music just complements it perfectly. I have enjoyed tracks from this band in the past, but gotten bored with their albums. They seem to have hit a peek and the whole album is great.

Favorite Tracks:
Walk In the Park
10 Mile Stereo
Used To Be

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