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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cheat Sheet #2

So there are a few people out there who are giving no respect to the National, saying that everything sounds the same......these people are correct; but the problem is that singular sound of theirs is awesome. Can't wait for the album The Violet - due out May 11. Here is the next new track:
The National - Afraid of Everyone
Their website

Must be the spring weather, but all of these roots, country tinged bands are sounding good.
Deer Tick - 20 Miles new album The Black Dirt Sessions due out in late May
Their website

Deerhoof - Hitch Hike
Beach Fossils - Youth
Beach House - Zebra
Social Studies - Time Bandit
Fol Chen - In Ruins

and the highly anticipated LCD Soundsystem - I Can Change
The album This is Happening is due out May 18. It is getting too much hype that it can never live up to, but it should be a strong showing. Go here to listen to the whole album and judge for yourself.
Here is a link to a free Antlers EP - check it out

Will I go see this?

PHISH 3D - IN THEATERS APRIL 30TH from Phish on Vimeo.


  1. Looking forward to seeing The National and LCD at Bonaroo this year.

  2. Someday I might get to that Bonnaroo deal. My ultimate dream in life would be to put on a music festivale. Having final say on the bands that appear, but also just watching the thing grow and all the people. Cool.

  3. I think watching Phish on the movie screen is the closest I will come to ever seeing them live again. My old-fart-crowd-hating-germphobia will keep me away. I'm awesome.