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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mixtape: The Best of the First Quarter January -> March

I believe I located the DMCA problem - It seems the Arctic Monkeys track is only available from their website. Anyways - I strongly encourage you to support the artists and buy their albums!

The first quarter of the year is over and it has been a good year in music so far. There have a been a few standout albums that I really go back to again and again:
The Decemberists - The King Is Dead
James Blake - James Blake
P.J. Harvey - Let England Shake
Destroyer - Kaputt
Smith Westerns - Dye It Blonde
Bright Eyes - The People's Key
Still absorbing the Generationals and Wye Oak and looking forward to TV On Radio, The Vaccines, Raveonettes, and Low. Radiohead was a little disappointing (by that I mean it didn't change my life), but with every listen I like it more, same with the Yuck album. So below is a great mix of early favorites for the year, although I picked some tracks simply because they were available. I personally like Dear Avery best off The Decemberists album and can't pick a favorite on P.J. Harvey or Destroyer. Please tell me what I left off or screwed up below in the comments section and while you are at it, sign up and follow me.

My top 28 in no particular order, just how I thought they sounded nice:
1.Juliana Barwick - Prizewinning (Alias Pail Remix) from the album The Magic Place
2. P.J. Harvey - Last Living Rose from the album Let England Shake
3. Bright Eyes - Shell Game from the album The People's Key
4. TV On the Radio - Caffeinated Consciousness from soon to be released album Nine Types of Light
5. Cloud Nothings - Understand At All from the album Cloud Nothings
6. Say Hi - Dots On a Map from the album Um, Uh Oh
7. The Decemberists - Calamity Song from the album The King Is Dead
8. Akron/Family - So It Goes from the album S/T II:The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT
9. Radiohead - Codex from the album The King of Limbs
10. Daughter - Run from Demo album
11. James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream from the album James Blake
12. Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers from album of same name
13. Cults - Go Outside from soon to be released album
14. Smith Westerns - All Die Young from Dye It Blonde
15. Generationals - Ten-Twenty-Ten from Actor-Castor
16. Broken Bells - Meyrin Fields from Meyrin Fields EP
17. Cut Copy - Take Me Over from Zonoscope
18. Tennis - Take Me Somewhere from the album Cape Dory
19. Braids - Lemonade from the album Native Speaker
20. Wye Oak - Civilian from the album Civilian
21. Destroyer - Song For America from the album Kaputt
22. Bill Callahan - Baby's Breath from soon to be released album Apocalypse
23. Ducktails - Killin The Vibe from the album Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics
24. Tapes 'n Tapes - Badaboom from Outside
25. Arctic Monkeys - Brick By Brick from soon top be released album
26. Yuck - Rubber from the album Yuck
27. Okkervil River - The Mermaid from soon to be released album
28. James Vincent McMorrow - If I Had  A Boat from the album Early In the Morning

Well enjoy the tunes - keep coming back and don't forget to watch LCD Soundsystem on Pitchfork this Saturday!

Must Read Article: LCD Soundsystem

Pitchfork has run an article on the history of LCD Soundsystem covering every track ever released. It is a long awesome read - check it out here. It is a must read for an LCD fan or any music fan. Sometimes Pitchfork is pretentious and over the top - but to me they nailed this one wrapping up the end of the band and as a huge bonus they will be web-casting the LCD show this Saturday.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cheat Sheet #10 2011

Time is of the essence and I don't have any. Busy with lacrosse last week even though we had two games rained out. This week I got two more coming up, but if time allows and I can get them posted I have a bunch of great tracks to bring in spring. Anybody have any suggestions for music that reminds them of spring and the changing weather? Enjoy this week - the only bands posted that I know anything about are Bill Calahan former Smog man and Yacht. The rest of it is brand new to me, so lets see what sticks. If you got the time, become a member and follow me and tell your friends

Bill Callahan - Baby's Breath from Everybody Taste  
His voice and simple accompaniment is so effecting. This is the type of music I now obsess over. A Must buy!!!!!
New album Apocalypse comes out April 19
Band Website

Acid House Kings - Are We Lovers Or Are We Friends from Indie Rock Cafe
A throw off track really. I like to include 5 bands every week so these guys are number five. Swedish pop which that country knows how to do well. Perfect for fans of Peter Bjorn and John or Belle and Sebastian.
Album Music Sounds Better With You out now
Band Website

Typhoon - The Honest Truth from The Kitchen Turntable
A large band with a dynamic sound. These guys follow the credo of making a joyful noise. A discovery through NPR's coverage of SXSW.
EP A New Kind of House out now
Band Website

tUnE-yArDs - Bizness from Oh My Rock
I avoided this when I first saw it posted on blogs because I didn't like the band name with the lower and upper case mix. Just didn't look like a band that takes them seriously. I was wrong - the music is the brain child of Merrill Garbus. She is weird and wacky but serious about making good music. It was the video below from NPR - All Songs Considered that sold me on the music
Album WHOKILL is out April 19
Band Website

Yacht - Dystopia (The Earth Is On Fire) from Everybody Taste
Hot off the blog presses, this track is a great play on the "The Roof Is On Fire" by Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three and signals that Yacht will still be around the blogosphere for another 6 months. Another sign they will be around is they are on the DFA label. Only listened to this once, but it sure is catchy.
New album Shangri-La out this summer
Band website

Bonus Video: The Roof Is On Fire by Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three

Bonus Video: Fire Water Burn - Bloodhound Gang

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Video: !!! Chk Chk Chk live at SXSW

I really wish I could go to SXSW some year and I wish I could see these guys in concert:

Go to the SXSW Lawn Party channel on youtube for more great performances from this year

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Video: TV On the Radio - Will Do

Great song with a video that is clearly commenting on how disconnected we are from one another and how linked in we are - I say this as I post another blog.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cheat Sheet #9 2011

Normally I like to feature 5 bands, but with lacrosse season going on I'm lucky I even got something posted this week. Enjoy, everything here is great. No slackers this week. Become a follower or leave a comment if you dig it.

Okkervil River - Wake and Be Fine from Tale of the Tape
Another track from the new album made available, Can't wait for this one. Without a doubt one of my favorite song writers and love the intricate sound.
New album I Am Very Far out May 10th
Band Website

Generationals - Greenleaf from Everybody Taste
Generationals - Ten-Twenty-Ten from MUF
The Greenleaf single is ok, but the song  Ten-Twenty-Ten and video below are great. I have been waiting for this full length album since I first heard the song and EP Trust back in early December. Great pop music. If you like Peter, Bjorn, and John then you will be a fan of these guys. I am sure they will be making a splash at SXSW this week.
Album Actor-Caster out March 29.
Band Website

Ten-Twenty-Ten by Generationals from Jubadaba on Vimeo.

Sonny and the Sunsets - I Wanna Do It from Sloane Ranger
A throwback to 50's group and the summer jangle guitar that is so popular now. I know very little about this band except that they are on Fat Possum records that has been putting out lots of good bands this year. The only other tidbit is that lead man Sonny Smith did a project were he recorded 100 singles by fake bands or something.  Looks like I'll be busy looking into that this week.
Album Hit After Hit is out on April 12
Band Website

The Naked and Famous - Young Blood from All Things Go
Recommended by my friend Jeff. My first listen was today and I like it. It reminds me of ??? someone else, but I'm drawing a blank at the moment. Someone help me out. Nice new album check it out.
Album Passive Me, Aggressive You out now
Band Website

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Video: The National - Conversation 16

It is impressive how quickly we move from one album to the next and how bands make such a huge effort now to pre-release videos and singles months before an album is officially out and then outside of touring the album and a few TV appearances it seems most music disappears within a month. This is now a continual topic on music blogs (the speed at which we consume new music). So what is more impressive is how The National have continued to promote and support their last effort High Violet.

We have gotten a continual release of videos and singles for the album:
Bloodbuzz Ohio - mp3 leak before the album was released and video
Anyone's Ghost - single right after release
A slew of live performances released via their Vevo youtube page
Terrible Love - single and video months later

And now Conversation 16 a video starring legit actors and storyline involving female president of the US in a love triangle. Video is fine, I'm just happy to be hearing the line "I was afraid, I'd eat your brains" again. I'm also happy to hear music that sounds great months after release and album I will continue to go back to for years.

The National

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Come On Baby Cover Me #1 2011

There isn't much better then hearing a song reinvented. Sometimes its an unexpected pop tune turned cool or a classic track brought back to life. I have attempted to find some tracks that I think are great redos. Enjoy!!!

Yeasayer - Crazy (original by Seal) from We All Want Someone to Shout For

Dum Dum Girls - There Is A Light The Never Goes Out (original by The Smiths) from Inkiostro

Cymbals Eat Guitars - Gleemer (original by Guided By Voices) from My Old Kentucky Blog

Wanda Jackson - Thunder on the Mountaintop (original by Bob Dylan) from The Concert Room

James Blake - A Case of You (original by Joni Mitchell) from We All Want Someone To Shout For

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cheat Sheet #8 2011

Settling into a routine of posting just once a week and I need to break that. Got some great ideas for some mixtapes, just need to find some time to put them online. Let hope for a quick week and a slow weekend. Enjoy!

Kurt Vile - Jesus Forever from Dyson Sound
Kurt Vile - In My Time from Line of Best Fit
Really like the peaceful easy feeling of this music. This will be an absolute buy. I have heard about this guy before, but never committed the real time to listen.Glad I found this, has that cool Even Dando sound.
From the album Smoke Ring From My Halo available tomorrow March 8th.
Band Website

Summer Camp - I Want You from Off the Radar
Thumping electro-beats (from Jeremy Warmsly) with a simple message from female singer Elizabeth Sankey. This UK duo is hot right now. I really like this song. It is very repetitive, but just when I start getting bored a little something changes to keep me hooked. No date or name on album yet. A lot of these tracks are being thrown out there, because everyone will be down at SXSW trying to hype themselves.
Band Website

Dum Dum Girls - He Gets Me High from You Set the Scene
Some serious contrast to the previous track. This one is all balls from four chicks who rock. I love the sweet vocals in contrast to the heavy guitar distortion. The EP also includes a great cover of the The Smiths - There Is A Light.
From the EP He Gets Me High out now
Band Website

R.E.M. - Discover from Tsururadio
R.E.M. - Oh My Heart from Direct Current Music
I'm counting on this being the Amazon.com deal for Tuesday. So far I like everything I hear. Really looking forward to this album. Harkens back to the R.E.M. of the 80's.
Album Collapse Into Now out tomorrow
Band Website

Arctic Monkeys - Brick By Brick from Culture Bully
I hear the Queens of the Stone Age and The Kinks. I like when this track slows down and kicks back in. Think I need to listen to this at max volume while driving. It took me two listens to realize I love the direction that the Arctic Monkeys have gone in, Humbug was a pretty good album, here is to hoping for even more with this next one.
No date or album name yet.
                                                         Band Website

Art Brut: New track available below by inputting your email.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Lax On

Very busy with the start of lacrosse. The weekend is here, but still tomorrow I will be laxing. On Sunday I will rest, so with that said here is a great new song from the upcoming Parts and Labor album Constant Future.

Parts and Labor - Rest

and one to grow on: