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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Video: The National - Conversation 16

It is impressive how quickly we move from one album to the next and how bands make such a huge effort now to pre-release videos and singles months before an album is officially out and then outside of touring the album and a few TV appearances it seems most music disappears within a month. This is now a continual topic on music blogs (the speed at which we consume new music). So what is more impressive is how The National have continued to promote and support their last effort High Violet.

We have gotten a continual release of videos and singles for the album:
Bloodbuzz Ohio - mp3 leak before the album was released and video
Anyone's Ghost - single right after release
A slew of live performances released via their Vevo youtube page
Terrible Love - single and video months later

And now Conversation 16 a video starring legit actors and storyline involving female president of the US in a love triangle. Video is fine, I'm just happy to be hearing the line "I was afraid, I'd eat your brains" again. I'm also happy to hear music that sounds great months after release and album I will continue to go back to for years.

The National

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