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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mixtape: The Best of the First Quarter January -> March

I believe I located the DMCA problem - It seems the Arctic Monkeys track is only available from their website. Anyways - I strongly encourage you to support the artists and buy their albums!

The first quarter of the year is over and it has been a good year in music so far. There have a been a few standout albums that I really go back to again and again:
The Decemberists - The King Is Dead
James Blake - James Blake
P.J. Harvey - Let England Shake
Destroyer - Kaputt
Smith Westerns - Dye It Blonde
Bright Eyes - The People's Key
Still absorbing the Generationals and Wye Oak and looking forward to TV On Radio, The Vaccines, Raveonettes, and Low. Radiohead was a little disappointing (by that I mean it didn't change my life), but with every listen I like it more, same with the Yuck album. So below is a great mix of early favorites for the year, although I picked some tracks simply because they were available. I personally like Dear Avery best off The Decemberists album and can't pick a favorite on P.J. Harvey or Destroyer. Please tell me what I left off or screwed up below in the comments section and while you are at it, sign up and follow me.

My top 28 in no particular order, just how I thought they sounded nice:
1.Juliana Barwick - Prizewinning (Alias Pail Remix) from the album The Magic Place
2. P.J. Harvey - Last Living Rose from the album Let England Shake
3. Bright Eyes - Shell Game from the album The People's Key
4. TV On the Radio - Caffeinated Consciousness from soon to be released album Nine Types of Light
5. Cloud Nothings - Understand At All from the album Cloud Nothings
6. Say Hi - Dots On a Map from the album Um, Uh Oh
7. The Decemberists - Calamity Song from the album The King Is Dead
8. Akron/Family - So It Goes from the album S/T II:The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT
9. Radiohead - Codex from the album The King of Limbs
10. Daughter - Run from Demo album
11. James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream from the album James Blake
12. Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers from album of same name
13. Cults - Go Outside from soon to be released album
14. Smith Westerns - All Die Young from Dye It Blonde
15. Generationals - Ten-Twenty-Ten from Actor-Castor
16. Broken Bells - Meyrin Fields from Meyrin Fields EP
17. Cut Copy - Take Me Over from Zonoscope
18. Tennis - Take Me Somewhere from the album Cape Dory
19. Braids - Lemonade from the album Native Speaker
20. Wye Oak - Civilian from the album Civilian
21. Destroyer - Song For America from the album Kaputt
22. Bill Callahan - Baby's Breath from soon to be released album Apocalypse
23. Ducktails - Killin The Vibe from the album Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics
24. Tapes 'n Tapes - Badaboom from Outside
25. Arctic Monkeys - Brick By Brick from soon top be released album
26. Yuck - Rubber from the album Yuck
27. Okkervil River - The Mermaid from soon to be released album
28. James Vincent McMorrow - If I Had  A Boat from the album Early In the Morning

Well enjoy the tunes - keep coming back and don't forget to watch LCD Soundsystem on Pitchfork this Saturday!

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