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Monday, September 27, 2010

Cheat Sheet #3 - Fall and the Start of School

Music for the season: Noise seems to be what my ears are finding attractive. There are some great pop tunes here, but they are all buried beneath noise, echo, and feedback.

Radio Dept. - New Improved Hypocrisy
Swedish band that has been around for some time, but I just learned about from this most recent album Clinging To a Scheme. The above track is just a random post but it follows in the same vein as the album. I think the whole album is worth checking out. It's soft, mellow music for the fall. I would have expected a bigger pop sound from the Swedes, but these guys must come from the part of Sweden that does not get sunlight. It's not depressing just reflective.

Black Mountain - Old Fangs
Black Mountain - Hair Song
The last Black Mountain album lost me, it was just too heavy. These tracks are for fans of Sabbath who are now older and gentler.

Thee Oh Sees - Go Meet the Seed
Nice lo-fi jangly sound. I love the psychedelic echo on the guitar blasts and the ba-ba-bas on the chorus.

Crocodiles - Sleep Forever
Crocodiles - Billy Speed
I like the whole album. Just a great pop racket!

Sundelles - Dead Youth
Make a joyful noise - success!

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