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Monday, September 5, 2011

Cheat Sheet #24 2011

Some of this music I have been sitting on for a month. August was filled was good times and great vacations. Now it is back to the grind, but a lot this music will bring back the lazy days of summer sound.

The Drums - What You Were source My Blob Cliche 
The Drums -Please Don't Leave source My Blog Cliche
Got that same surf guitar sound, so they aren't inventing anything new, but we do seem to get a darker album this time around. I like it.
New album Portamento out Sept. 6
Band Website

Atlas Sound - Tera Incognito source Photog Music
This is not my favorite music, but many people are drooling over this (and anything Bradford Cox does) so I included it. Nice and mellow, perfect for a Sunday afternoon.
New album Parallax not out till Nov. 8
Band Website

Nurses - Trying To Reach You source All the Young Punks
Nurses - Fever Dreams source Bow Legs Music
More of that garage and surf sound sound. Great annoying vocals that are catchy as hell. Love the sound of the guitar effects on both of these tracks.
New album Dracula out on Sept. 20Band Website

Justice - Audio, Video, Disco source Earmilk
Catchy and cool electronic music.
New album Audio, Video, Disco out on Oct. 25
Band Website

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