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Friday, October 28, 2011

TWIM Oct 25

After taking most of September and October off, I am back in an attempt to rejuvenate my blogging career. So I am starting off with This Week In Music, which will focus on my favorite tracks and albums that are new releases. This weekend I'll also add my favorite tracks from the summer and focus on playlists / mix tapes using Spotify. If you aren't on Spotify join now. A great link to all the music you could ever want and if you put up with a few ads here and there it is free. However I did notice the new Coldplay is not available on Spotify at the moment, boo hoo. Two great garage rock albums out this week with The Beets and The Strange Boys.

The Beets - Doing As I Do
The Beets - Friends of Friends
Album Let the Poison Out

Strange Boys - Me and You
Album Live Music

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