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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cheat Sheet #1 2011

7 days of sickness and being trapped inside, this is the music I have found in that time. Any tracks that are terrible, I blame on the sick. Here is to hoping that the new year brings great music and more posts from me.

1. Noah and the Whales - L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.
Might be a little to bouncy, time will tell.
Band Website

2. Tapes N Tapes - Freak Out
If you didn't get this album for 3.99 on Amazon you missed out - this track will have to do.
Band Website

3. Wye Oak - Civilian
Nice slow build with a dense gritty sound - the ending is Crazy Horsesque. Awesome. New album due March 2011.
Band Website

4. The Vaccines - Blow It Up
The Vaccines- If You Wanna
The BBC and UK music mags are already touting this band as the hot thing in 2011. I'm still on the fence. Like what I hear so far, but my gut tells me they won't have anything beyond one album. "Blow It Up." sounds like My Morning Jacket.

Here is the rest of the BBC list if you are interested.

5.Smith Westerns - All Die Young
Smith Westerns - Weekend
Don't hate them just because everyone else loves them or soon will . A must hear. I know I am already on the band wagon of these cool kids. January 18 release date.

Ryan McGinley's Music Obsessionsfrom Ryan McGinley on Nowness.com.

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