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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cheat Sheet #13 2011

Quite an eclectic mix this week. Got some old dudes making hip hop, indie favorites, and a bunch of unknowns. Was worried that music this year was going a little stagnant after a series of great release early in 2011, but looks like things are picking up again. However I still have not been blown away by any of the new releases this spring. Am I missing anything out there? I like the new Weeknd, Bill Callahan, TV On the Radio, and Generationals but none of them knocked my socks off. Maybe their will be some slow growers in this batch.  Let me know if you have found something that is absolutely brilliant that I might have missed.

Eleanor Friedberger - My Mistakes from Everybody Taste
Sounds like this could have been on the Fiery Furnaces' Blueberry Boat album. I loved that album and this first track makes me excited to hear her new solo album. the Fiery Furnaces are now a part of Merge Records so you can expect that they will be releasing lots more. I expect we will see a new solo album from her brother and a new group effort.
Album Last Summer out July 12
Band Website

Swimming - Team Jetstream (Pre Flight Mix) from Off the Radar
Swimming - Panthalassa from Listen Before You Buy
Sounds like an 80's synth band got in a fight with Jesus and the Mary Chain. The first track is from a new single, lets hope their is a great new album coming this summer.

Sun In the Island single out now
Band Website

Crystal Stilts - Shake The Shackles from Days of Lore
Crystal Stilts - Through the Floor from Rocks De Milo
This sounds like music that cool people listen to. Put it on and within one listen you will instantly be a hipster. Shake the shackles has a dark pop sound. Something sad but at the same time upbeat. The vocals remind me of Ian Curtis. I like it a lot.
Current album In Love With Oblivion is out now
Band Website

Summer Heart - Please Stay from Swedes Please
Scandinavian pop - nice harmonies and melody. A very ethereal summer sound. Just what the doctor ordered for this fine spring day. Also a nice video with lots of NYC footage from previous album Blackbird Blackbird.
Get three current tracks right now from band camp and new album is out soon.
Band website

Blackbird Blackbird - Summer Heart from mikey sanders on Vimeo.

Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise from Citizen Insane

These guys should not be making music. There is something weird about dudes in their 40s making hip hop. I had avoided listening to any of the new tracks but then this video came out featuring lots of cool people (Will Ferrell). I watched and the scary thing is the new song is good and they do a great job of mocking themselves in the video. You can go to their website below to purchase the new album, they got some cool packages for any fans out there. My only problem with the Beastie Boys is I rarely go back and listen to any of their music after it is first released. The only exception is Sabotage which is why I included the video down below. I also added a little widget where you can stream and listen to the whole new album.
New album Hot Sauce Committee Part Two is out on May 3
Band Website

Watch live streaming video from beastieboys at livestream.com

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