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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Namesake!!!!!!

Sorry for the bogus Daft Punk post, turns out Daft Punk is not taking credit for the track, so whoever put it out there.....excellent imitation!

To make up for the guffaw here is some LCD Soundsystem:

clip 1 from lcd soundsystem on Vimeo.

James Murphy is the coolest dude in the world; leader of LCD Soundsystem, owner of DFA records, club DJ, recording music in a mansion, and producer/engineer. Sometimes I think he is living my life, but then my wife goes and makes a sick chicken casserole and my kid smiles at me and I know I am in the right place. I guess I was meant to listen, not make the music. However, that won't stop me from training my kid to play every instrument and to make the music for me. Here are some more tracks from LCD Soundsystem, it looks like they have a new album coming out soon, but no details yet.

Bye Bye Bayou a possible submission for the new album
Yeah (crass version)
LCD/MGMT - All My Children Remix two great things together

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