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Monday, July 11, 2011

Cheat Sheet #21 2011

Sorry if this starts a little downbeat for you. I know it is summer, but these are the new tracks that are striking me just right and I also find happiness in sad music. My wife says that makes me weird, she is probably right (but I know there are others of you out there). If you don't want to hear the miserable tunes just skip forward to Santa Fe by Beirut.

John Maus - Hey Moon source Ear Milk
John Maus - Quantum Leap source Mr Bungle
John Maus - Believer source One Track Mind
The influences here are obvious so I'll skip that. You should also skip this if synthesizers and drum machines bother you. These tracks seem very different to me, but all of them work. "Hey Moon" to me is just beautiful (lyrics rarely matter, but here they hit me just right) the two other tracks are a weird kind of fun listen.
Band Website
We Become the Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves is out now

Beirut - Goshen source Seamstress For The Band
Beirut - Santa Fe source Seizure Chicken
Lining up to be a year end favorite. In the past Beirut has never hit the mark with me. I think the sound was too eclectic and bounced all over the place. All the tracks I have heard from this new album seem gentler and well thought out.
Band Website
New album The Rip Tide out on August 30

Wu Lyf - Dirt source Mostly Junk Food
Wu Lyf - Heavy Pop source Heart Strings Engaged
Grand atmospheric sounding music. Reminds me of the Foals last album with guttural vocals. I have no clue what the lead singer is saying (it is English) but I know he is feeling it and as a result so am I. The music clearly sounds like a call to arms for someone, for me it just beckons to be played loud while I'm cleaning the house.
Band Website 
Album Go Tell Fire Mountain is out now

Teddybears - Crystal Meth Christian (Featuring the Flaming Lips) source Unstrum
Teddy Bears - No More Michael Jackson source Magnet
A grab bag of sounds and styles but all of it up-beat. This is tongue in cheek electronic pop music from three Sweedish dudes who used to make heavy grindcore music. The album contains guest appearances all of the place from the likes of Flaming Lips, Cee-Lo, B-52s, Robyn, and B.O.B. It is possible this music is too happy for me.
Band Website
Album Devil's Music came out on July 5th

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