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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Late Night Viewing: July 25 - July 29

The week starts out strong and fizzles to an end.

Ray Davies - David Watts  (Fallon 7/25/11) - Sounds Great!!!!

Eels - That's Not Her Way (Letterman 7/26/11) -  Beardfest

Matt and Kim - Block After Block (Fallon 7/26/11) - They have energy

They Might Be Giants - Can't Keep Johnny Down (Fallon 7/27/11) - I might buy their new album just to reminisce

Fountains of Wayne - A Dip In the Ocean (Letterman 7/28/11) - it's no Stacy's Mom

Stevie Nicks - For What It's Worth (Leno 7/28/11) - Feel free to skip this

Lady Gaga - You and I (Kimmel 7/28/11) - Not my favorite

Beyonce -  Best Thing I Never Had (Fallon 7/28/11) - Worst quality but best performance from the ladies

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