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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cheat Sheet #22 2011

Tons of new stuff coming at me everyday. I have had no time to absorb any music, just a couple listens and its on to the next thing. We just got a DVD player for the van, so my driving and music listening has come to an end. My drives are now sound-tracked by Little Einsteins! Hope you like all the tracks this week.

Fungi Girls - Velvet Days source Guerolito Music
Garage music sounds great in the summer. I was listening to The Strangeboys a lot last week and now I find this gem of a band. You can hear another new track from the album by heading over to their Bandcamp page.
New album Some Easy Magic is out next week.
Band Website

Black Whales - Shangri-La Indeed source Ear Milk
Black Whales - Lately source The Dada
Basic but solid rock music. Has that 90's alt-country sound and it works nicely. Nothing that blows me away, but will be a nice addition to the summer soundtrack.
Album Shangri-La Indeed is out now.
Band Website

Neon Indian - Fallout source Tympanogram
I was surprised when I gave this a play and was reminded of My Bloody Valentine, not what I was expecting. This new track still has the Chillwave sound you expect from Neon Indian but is darker and murkier. This early track will bring high expectations for the album.
Album Era Extrana is due out Sept. 13
Band Website

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Maniac source Someone To Shout For
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Same Mistake source Someone To Shout For
Two solid tracks from the upcoming album. Looks like my prediction that they wouldn't come through was wrong. Great catchy pop music!
New album Hysterical will be out in September
Band Website

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