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Friday, February 11, 2011

Cheat Sheet #5 2011

A return to normalcy this week. Nice easy going time at work and home. Lots of time for music listening. Should be a great weekend of nothing special. Here is new music to enjoy.

1. Bright Eyes - Shell Games
Bright Eyes - Haile Selassie  both tracks from 5 Score Pacyderm
Unsure about this Bright Eyes album. Neither of these tracks blew me away, but at the same time they are solid. I expect the album will be strong, it just won't be the best Bright Eyes......that however is still better than 80% of the music out there. Seems like there might be too much hype for the album, time will tell.
Album the People's Keys due February 15
Band Website

2. Spectre Folk - Blackest Medicine
Side project from the drummer of Magik Markers. How often do drummers put out great music on their own (Phil Collins excluded)? This is the exception, I mean its no "In the Air Tonight," but it nice blues rock. I'm looking forward to the whole album, I love the muddy sound of it. It's hard to find info on these guys, I think the album is out already - I just need to track it down.
Band Website

3. Daughter - Run from Fense Post
Up and comer from London with a beautiful voice. Nice simple music. You can go here and enter your email address to get more free music from Daughter.
Band Wenbsite

4. PJ Harvey - The Words That Maketh Murder from UnpianoCompose
Back in 1993 I bought Rid of Me. I had read about it in Spin magazine and knew what a fuss everyone was making about it. It was my freshmen year of college and most of the music I listened to was in the Pearl Jam, U2, and Stone Temple Pilots category. I wanted to seem cooler than the other kids at my school so I often bought albums that no one else I hung around with had heard of....Rid of Me was purchased. I hated it. I pretended to like, but the truth is I found it grating. I can only remember she repeated lines a lot, had a rough voice, and was overtly sexual. I have no idea what it sounds like now, it has been over ten years since I sold it to a used cd store for credit and I have never looked back. Well the times have changed, this album looks like it is going to pull me back in. I love this song and the other I have heard "The Last Living Rose" posted below.

Album Let England Shake out on Feb. 15
Band Website

5. Banjo or Freakout - Go Ahead from Ground Control
Can't tell you much about this guy. He is not a rock band. He mixes traditional and electronic music; and it is great Sunday morning music. search out his early singles for more awesome.

Banjo or Freakout - Left It Alone from banjo or freakout on Vimeo.
Self-titled album out Feb. 21
Band Website
At the Black Cat on March 30

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