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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Video: Walkmen + some free downloads

The Walkmen have a new video out for "While I Shovel The Snow," one of my favorite songs from 2010. The video is nice and simple with shots of the band in the snow - fitting.

Click here to go to the band website for free downloads of "While I Shovel the Snow" and "Orange Sunday," a B-side from album. They also have another new aqua themed video posted for "Orange Sunday." I also noticed that the band is selling current album Lisbon and the previous one You and Me for $7.99 a pop. Pretty good deal, but it seems to me more bands should directly sell their albums from their websites at a cheaper price and get more money directly.
I'm sure it's all a licensing and merchandising deal. However I know that I have not bought whole albums I want because I see them priced at 7.99 for an mp3 download, and the reverse of that I have bought whole albums from bands that maybe I'm unsure about or on the fence because they were priced at 5.99 or less.

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