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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cheat Sheet #7 2011

Lacrosse season has started, so the little time I had is now gone. The only real time I am getting to listen to music is driving to and from work. Thank goodness for great music blogs like the ones listed below that keep me up to date. This is a great week of new and eclectic music. Feel free to recommend this site to friends, leave comments, or join as a follower and get emailed updates. I'm thinking about making the switch to an independent site free of blogger and switching to Word Press as a format. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Remember you can right click and download tracks to listen or use the embedded player tab sticking out on the left.

Julianna Barwick - The Magic Place from Happy Days Are Here Again
The whole album is just beautiful soundscapes of vocals (and a little bit of synth) all layered on top of one another. Put in on and go to some place new. I love to turn the volume up and just let everything build!
New album The Magic Place out NOW!
Band Website

Okkervil River - Mermaid from Citizen Dick
I have been a die hard fan of this band since The Stage Names. Can't wait to see what the new album brings. I love his shaky voice, sounds so sincere. Great easy sound and interesting lyrics.
New album I Am Very Far available on May 10
Band Website
Below is the video from Fallon show performing "Weave Room Blues."

The Submarines - Birds from Stereo Pills
New band to me and this is the first track I have ever heard. Seems like lots of people have been jocking them and expecting a break out. This next album may do it. This is 100% pop. So pop you might think they were Swedish, but they are from LA. The female singer in the band is the great-grand daughter of F. Scott Fitzgerald.
New album Love Notes/Letter Bombs out on April 5
Band Website

The Sandwitches - Lightfoot from Tale of the Tape
The Sandwitches - Joe Says from Gorilla Vs Bear
Girl garage rock. Often times we accept lo-fi, dirty vocals from guy singers, but not the ladies. Well, I like this even though it isn't necessarily pretty.
New album Mrs. Jones' Cookies comes out March 29
Band Website
Below is an old track that made me fall in love with this band:

The Dodos - Don't Stop from Insomnia Radio
Featured the first leak Black Night back in Cheat Sheet #4. I liked that track, but I love this one.
New album No Color due on March 15
Band Website
Great live performance below via pitchfork. Must see these guys live

TV On the Radio - Will Do from Old School
Anything new from these guys is always welcome. Hoping for another great release. This track sounds like what I would expect. I like.
New album Nine Types of Light out this spring.
Band Website

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