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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

White Stripes Call It Quits?

Link to Band Website With Letter

I remember the first time I heard The White Stripes I was driving around Washington DC with an old friend. I can't remember where we were going or what we were doing, just that I liked the music he was playing. It was rambunctious and gritty. You tell whoever was making this noise was into it. I can't remember what song it was and when I left that night I didn't even remember the bands name.

Months later my friend Steve played Hotel Yorba, Fell In Love With a Girl and a couple other songs; the instant I heard them I knew who they were. This was the same band I heard a couple months ago driving around DC. This time I did not make the same mistake. Steve burned me a CD and I left that night filled with the power of ROCK!

The love affair with the White Stripes has grown and I truly believe that are one of the very few bands who have never laid an egg. That doesn't mean that every track has been as life changing as Seven Nation Army, but The White Stripes have never failed to satisfy my soul.

I'm not sure why they are calling it quits. I mean I read the letter and understand but to me it would have made more sense just to fade away never saying anything at all, always leaving fans with the glimmer of hope that some day we might get more. Oh well, there is always a reunion tour down the road...but those tickets will just be too expensive.

Lets end this with the proper sentiment - take it away Jack:

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