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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cheat Sheet #14 2011

Nothing this week really knocked my socks off, but everything listed here is on my spring play list and getting multiple plays. No big super stars but lots of up and coming artists. The Black Lips are the only band I have real prior experience with - lets hope all these bands below have great years.

The Golden Dogs - Cheap Umbrellas source Indie Rock Cafe
Virtual unknown band from Toronto that I stumbled upon thanks to IRC. Really like the lo-fi grumbly rock sound. I think of Guided By Voices and Pavement with a female singer.  Hope this guys get more publicty.
New album Coat Of Arms is available now
Band Website

Seapony - Blue Star source Gorilla Vs Bear
No new ground being covered here: distorted background guitars, picked surf guitar, and pleasant sounding female vocals. This could be the beach fossils with a female singer, not surprising that the two bands are friendly. Summer is almost here and all the songs are lining up to get noticed.
New album Go With Me is out May 31
Band Website

Black Lips - Modern Art source Music That Isn't Bad
A great bluesy punk band that make thumping driving music. I don't think this album breaks any new ground, but if you dig the sound check out all their previous albums. They are consistently good.
New album Arabia Mountain out June 7
Band Website

Thao and Mirah - Folks source Ground Control
Two talented female voices and songwriters have joined forces to create this simple, but very effecting folk music. Got the whole album and I really enjoy it. I like the build of the horns on this track.
Thao's Website
Mirah's Website
Self Titled album out now

Tom Vek - A Chore source Popop
Electroclash rock from much anticipated London cool guy. It's been six years since any new music has been put out by Vek. The long wait might produce unreasonable expectations but this sounds nice. A little tongue in cheek video to go with the track.
New album Leisure Seizure out June 6
Band Website

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  1. A refreshing list of new sounds. Well played.