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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cheat Sheet #15 2011

A diverse collection of music here; some big production classic rock, lo-fi blues, hardcore indie, and electronic music. There must be something here you like, but probably also some things you hate. Dive in!

My Morning Jacket - Holdin On to Black Metal source Oh My Rock
The new My Morning Jacket is lining up to be a classic. This track is big sounding .
Album Circuital out May 31st
Band Website
Thee Oh Sees - I Need Seed source Austin Town Hall
Great little romping track that stomps along. Don't take then to seriously just enjoy their unique sound.
New album Castlemainia is out on June 14
Band website

F**ked Up - Queen of Hearts source Write Click Cook Listen
F**ked Up - A Little Death source 
Have never liked this band and still find the screaming vocals a big question mark ( I feel the same way about Henry Rollins and most Hardcore), bur for this track it works and I'm willing to give the whole album a try. Queen of Hearts has a great balance with some soft female vocals. The whole album is suppose to be a rock opera (think Green Days
Album David Comes to Life out on June 7
Band Website
Link to old track Year of the Ox from sirus radio live session

Washed Out - Eyes Be Closed source Gimmie Tinnitus 
The name of the band describes them well. This is electronic pop that sounds dreamy and distance. Lots going on in the mix but nothing seems to dominate the sound for long.
Album Within and Without out July 12
Band Website

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