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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Come On Baby Cover Me #3 2011

Getting 6 tracks on this edition because the last one is not really a cover as much as a remix/remake. I absolutely love Thao and Mirah and Ben Folds is a master of covers and 99 problems as a down home romp - brilliant. Enjoy them all.

Thao and Mirah - Love Is a Battlefield (Pat Benatar) source Chrome Waves
Sexy and bumping

Ben Folds - Sleazy (Kei$ha) source Unnecessary Umlaut

the Black Lips - Dearest (Buddy Holly) source Unnecessary Umlaut

Higo - 99 Problems (Jay-z) source Indie Sabbath

Ty Segall - Salamanda Palaganda (T. Rex) source Everybody Taste

The Very Best - I Can Change (LCD Soundsystem) source SFL

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