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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cheat Sheet #16 2011

This week of music just seems to be something special. Released this week: The Antlers, Okkervil River, Lonely Island and lots of the music below. Maybe it is because I have a couple beers and haven't written in a long time but everything below is awesome. If you are stopping by to get some free music, don't be afraid to follow.

Memory Tapes - Wait In the Dark source Music Ninja
Memory Tapes - Today Is Our Life source Turntable Kitchen
This is soft, pretty, gentle music; easy to listen to. Don't think this will win album of the year, but I do think it will be great to hear while hanging out on the patio or deck this summer.
Album Player Piano out on July 5
Band Website

Gang Gang Dance -Mindkilla source Salad Days Music
Making funky experimental electronic music like it should be made. They got synths, midis, distorted guitars, drums, and lovely vocals. All hands on deck as there is lots of knob turning. I can remember when I thought electronic music was some how cheating - I'm retarded. It's all music, you just have to do what sounds good. This is like dirty hippie music for the electronic age.Great jam below to go with the mp3.
Album Eye Contact out now
Band Website

Ema - The Grey Ship source Wheels Still Spin
Ema - Milkman source My Old Kentucky Blog
This is ear burning and brain melting music. The droning noise is very displacing and matches the lyrics perfectly. It is hard to listen to this at full volume, but I highly recommend. EMA seems to be genius. Apparently she has been honing her craft in earlier bands Amps For Christ and Gowns.Looks like I'll be busy this week checking them out. Amazon has her new album for $5.99 get it now. 
Past Life Martyred Saints out now
Band Website

Battles - Ice Cream source My Blog Cliche
I love the Battles and when I heard front man Tyondai Braxton left to pursue his solo projects I thought there is no way they could survive. I was wrong - this is great. The album will include rotating guest vocals including the likes of Gary Numan (Cars - see below). Saucy video to boot, but I prefer mint chocolate chip.
New album Gloss Drop out on June 7
Band Website

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