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Monday, May 23, 2011

Youtube is the new MTV (and other stuff)

The Antlers w/ Neon Indian - Rolled Together (live for Pitchfork) from Pitchfork
Hearing and seeing this track on Pitchfork is really what made me want to seek out other live performances from artists. I don't get to many concerts so thank god for youtube, pitchfork, and the like. Thanks Pitchfork!

The Vaccines - Blow It Up (Later Live with Jools Holland) from Youtube
I'm a sucker for the hype surrounding this band. Can't wait for the US release of this album so I can stop cheating them out of their money by searching out poor quality downloads.

Beach House - Untitled (New song live at ATP 2011) from youtube
Sounds like they have picked up right where they left off with Teen Dream. I'm sure we still have some time till a new album arrives but glad to see they are in tip top shape.

tUnE-yArDs - You Yes You from Pitchfork
I'm sure I am a pig because I find the mustache distracting during the interview, but once the music starts that all fades. The effects pedal work with the drums and loops is cool and the rhythm of the song is boss.

Fleet Foxes - Sim Sala Bim (live on Jimmy Fallon 5/20/2011) from Audio Perv
If you made it this far you are in for a treat - so soothing to start and so rocking to end. AWESOME!

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