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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cheat Sheet #17 2011

I have had these tracks sitting in holding for over a week, been so busy with lacrosse that I just never published them to the blog page. Now lacrosse has ended - boo hoo - so more regular posting.

Bon Iver - Calgary source Tsururadio
Bon Iver - Michicant source WATM
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The first two tracks of the new album sound stunning. It is obvious there is more production and more tricks used in the recording this time around, but the songs are still lush and personal. So happy my friend Brad got me tickets to see him in concert! Great Bonnie Raitt cover from Fallon below.
New self titled album due out June 21
Band Website 

The Horrors - Still Life source Musique
Glad to see they are staying on the New Order/ Joy Division sound wave. It does start to drag, wish it would have ended about 4:00 minutes.
New album Skying is due out on July 26
Band Website

Arcade Fire - Speaking In Tongues source Old School
Arcade Fire - Culture War source Old School
 Hard to say how I feel about the quick re-release of The Suburbs. I'm sure I'll buy it, but it seems a little cheap of to me to push this out so quickly after the original release. Both new tracks sound good and I think they fit in nicely with the feel of the whole album - I really like "Speaking In Tongues," but it certainly isn't breaking any new ground.
The deluxe edition of The Suburbs will be available on Aug. 2
Band Website

Cults - Make Time source Tale of the Tape
I just posted two other tracks by this band in CS #12 but couldn't resist another. This highly anticipated is getting lots of hype and seems the band and album will live up to it. Love the vocals and 60's pop sound. You should get your hands on everything you can find.
the self titled album is set to come out on June 7
Band Website

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